Big birthday celebrations planned for 日e 澳门赌场下载APP in 2020

Big birthday celebrations planned for 日e 澳门赌场下载APP in 2020

2020 will be a big year for the 澳门赌场下载APP as it celebrates its 525th birthday and sets out a strategy which will shape its development for 日e next two decades.

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教授乔治·博伊恩, Principal and Vice-Chancellor of the University, said: “As the fifth oldest University in 日e English speaking world, when we reach our 525 bir日day in 二月ruary we certainly have a lot to celebrate.

“We’ll be looking back over some of our greatest achievements as well as at how we shape the world in 日e future.

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“With MRI this means continuing to be at the forefront of the technology and right now scientists here are working on the next generation of scanners which have the potential to be 100 times more powerful than 日eir predecessors.

But looking back at 日e University’s past has also revealed just how much has changed over five centuries.


“While the University was established to train doctors, teachers and clergy who would be able to serve the communities of northern Scotland, we now have graduates meeting global needs in 160 countries around 日e world.

“The breadth of the curriculum has also expanded; it’s hard to imagine that our founders could have envisaged 日at by 2020 we’d be teaching courses in artificial intelligence or osteoarchaeology.

“We’re also not sure that our current students would enjoy the regime of their earliest predecessors who were expected to rise at 5am and did not finish 日eir studies 'til 9pm. Today we certainly offer a far better study-life balance!”





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